June 27, 2017
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My name is Chris Foeldi and I am the Director of Adult Faith Ministries at Church of the Ascension in Chesterfield, Missouri. I am the permanent staff member for CRHP at our Parish and have had many calls throughout the Mid-West region from people who have good hearts but difficult challenges before them in their CRHP experience. Some of the challenges that have been brought to my attention include questions such as “What does a healthy Continuation Committee look like?” or “What do you do about discernment for on-going formation?” and “How methods do you use to reach out to people in your Parish?”

I am the first to admit, we have had our bumps and bruises. Personally, I expect them because when being an instrument for Christ, I believe we will find ourselves being attacked in the least expected ways. Because of this, I am going to dedicate some of my time to addressing some of the challenges we have faced and continue to face in CRHP. Until then, feel free to call me at 636-532-9344 and keep the following advice close to heart: 
1.      We are servants for Christ and “Ego” must not have a presence.
2.      The CHRP manual is a dynamic guide to help you establish the best possible growth and life in your Parish.
3.      Be prepared for spontaneity, expect the unexpected, roll with it and find the Holy Spirit as being the author of this. 
4.      If there is any deviation, make sure it is 100% compliant with Catholic teaching, whether it is obedience to your pastor or Bishop, especially with regards to liturgy.
5.      Remember that each team will take upon a new life and will be uniquely different than your team’s experience.
6.      The guys and girls weekends may look totally different and it’s okay.
7.      If a team feels inspired to do something out of their good will (such as make t-shirts), as long as it doesn’t alienate anyone in any way and it’s constructive to the body, bless it.    

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