June 27, 2017
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 Christ Renews His  Parish






Contact Chris Foeldi at 636-532-9344 to Register for the weekend!  


Men's CRHP Renewal Weekends

February 23-24, 2013

September 28-29, 2013

Women's CRHP Renewal Weekends

March 9-10, 2013

October 5-6, 2013

CRHP Reunion


January 19, 2013 Meet in the Parish Hall.














Tell me briefly, what is it?

Christ Renews His Parish is a program designed to bring members of a parish together in Christ.  The emphasis during the weekend is on small group participation.  The process is centered on witnessing by team members rather than teaching and discussion and sharing by all.  However, in this process everyone does benefit from the weekend.  


What it is not.

It is not a silent retreat but you will have an opportunity to reflect.

CHRP is not an organization but a dynamic faith based program centered on Christ.  CRHP is in the parish, of the parish, and for the parish.

It is not a public confession and know that people will be comfortable with who you are.

It is not an emotional cult but the love of Christ will be evident.

It is not a parish clique.  However, you will experience a new kind of family.


What you can expect from CRHP

The CRHP weekend offers everyone an opportunity to listen to and perhaps discuss various topics.       It is a program that has expanded across states and even across countries. CRHP offers you enriching, real life faith stories that are presented by real life people.  The experience is intended to change and/or enhance the lives of those in Christ.  Unlike many experiences that seek a temporary spiritual boost, this experience is meant to last a life time. All within the parish are invited and welcome.


What happens during the weekend?

Most who have participated in the weekend experience say that “you can’t explain what happens; you have to experience it.”  This is your invitation to that “experience.”


You will enjoy the weekend based on past feedback.  Not one person has disliked or regretted attending the weekend in our parish - (See our past participants section and feel free to ask anyone).  It will include some group activities and interactions, some prayer together, and some reflection by “team” members on such subjects as: The Father’s Loving Care, Scripture, Eucharist, Christian Community, and Christian Awareness.  You may expect an opportunity, in a relaxed atmosphere, to respond to Christ’s call to a closer and deeper relationship with Him.


Who conducts the “weekend?”

The weekend experience is presented by a “team’ of participants from the previous Renewal Weekends in the parish.  The experience includes special contributions that each person makes.  The combination makes a very enjoyable weekend.


How long will it last?

The weekend will begin at 8:00 A.M. on Saturday and will end by 4:00 P.M. on Sunday.         


Who may participate?

Every member of the parish of Ascension is invited to attend.  The parish, of course, consists of all persons residing within the parish boundaries and/or those who are registered on the parish rolls.


Men and women participate on different weekends.  You must be at least 18 years old to attend.


How do I sign up?

You will be invited to become involved through announcements during Mass, in the weekend bulletins, and perhaps by a personal invitation from someone you know in Ascension Parish.  It is up to you, as an individual, to make up your own mind.  The program is not being sold and you are not being pressured to go.  Praying for guidance is important.  If you feel that Christ, through the Holy Spirit or through a human mediator, is calling you….Come!


What about weekend Mass?

There will be a special Eucharistic Celebration for those attending the weekend.


Where do people sleep?

The sleeping accommodations will be in the Parish Hall.  You may bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc. There are thick, comfortable mats provided! There are real benefits in staying overnight together with your fellow participants. However, if health or other issues would prevent this, call us, let us work this out.  There is always some kind of option available.


What about meals?

Hot meals are served.  The food is excellent and the portions ample.  Tipping is prohibited.  Waiters and waitresses are very cordial and “service with a smile” is their motto.  There will be regular breaks for coffee, cold drinks, and snacks.  Special dietary needs can be accommodated.


After attending a weekend, this is a great volunteer opportunity!


What is the “uniform of the day?”

Casual and comfortable clothing is the norm.  “Sunday best” is not expected.


Can I afford the cost of the weekend?

Absolutely YES!  The Renewal Weekend is a gift from the presenting team and past participants.  No one in attendance is ever solicited for funds.  You may, however, make private and/or anonymous donations should you be so inspired.


I would like to attend, but I have a health problem.

Your health problem should be discussed with the Spiritual Director.  A recommendation will then be made.


I have insomnia, will I disturb others?

Forget it!  Remember, there is only one night’s sleep.  To minimize the problem, we retire late and rise early.


I don’t like to get up and talk in front of people.  Will I be required to? 

What about the weekend after mine?

No one is required to get up and speak.  No pressure will be applied even if others do decide to speak.  If you choose to be on a future team, you still will not be required to speak publicly.  However, there will be ways you can still participate in the background.


What about this “witnessing” business?

The talks are given by team members NOT by participants.  You may share in conversation or thoughts (as much or as little as you choose) in a small group with other participants.


I’m not sure I can take all this “faith sharing, “Renewal,” “Good News,”

and talk like that.  I like things the way they were.

In this case, one may think we are presenting something new but indeed, they are not.  Everything is based on Sacred Scriptures, Church teachings, and approved by the Church.  Don’t worry about any preconceived reluctance to participate. Many of your fellow parishioners, both men and women, have already participated in a Renewal Weekend and it is they who extend this invitation to you.  “Come and see.” JN 1:39


The uniqueness of the Christ Renews His Parish renewal program is its continuation.  Participants are usually so inspired and moved, so renewed and uplifted, that they are anxious to share their faith and their experience with others in the parish family.

Participants have the opportunity to begin planning the next men’s or women’s weekends soon after they complete their own.  They become the “new team.”  During this formation time, even greater spiritual growth occurs. This weekend is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Christ and to grow more in love with your brothers and sisters at Ascension.


For information and/or registration, please call


Chris Foeldi at 636-532-9344 or email: adultfaith@ascensionchesterfield.org





230 Santa Maria Drive

Chesterfield, MO 63005




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